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Sunday July 25th
For the first time we go to Cinque Terre, but later than expected while somebody had hung himself near the train station and because of that a lot of trains were not going. We got out at the last and biggest village of Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore. We walked over the 'via del l'Amore' to Manarola. In Manarola we had a hard time finding the proper path to Corniglia. After a really tiresome walk because of the heat to the train station of Corniglia we decided to take a dive in the nice inviting cool water of the Ligurian Sea instead of going past the train station and walk another 400m to the village of Corniglia. After the dip in the ocean we got on the train back home, where our kind neighbours (who went for a pizza) also took the best pizza marinara with them for us.

Monday July 26th
Just al long day at the beach.

Tuesday July 27th
Today we went to hike the last part of Cinque Terre. We got off the train at Corniglia and walked to the village itself, which indeed was 400m of climbing through the olive yards. We continue the walk to Vernazza, where we arrive around lunch time. We have lunch in the small harbour of Vernazza; excellent lunch. We walk on to the last village in Cinque Terre, namely Monterosso. In Monterosso we take a dive in the nice cool sea before we board the train back to the camping. All in all it is easy to conclude that Cinque Terre are five lovely 'lego' type villages with quiet walking paths between them.

Wednesday July 28th
Yet another long day at the beach.

Thursday July 29th
We left early to go to Switzerland again. We went through the Mont Blanc tunnel and could see that they had changed a lot for safety reasons (after the fire a couple of years before). We had some great views of the Mont Blanc and the glaciers. The initial camping we had in mind was closed so we ended up on the camping of Morges; a dull flat camping, but with all facilities.

Friday July 30th
Today we went to Genève via Nyon. The old Roman remains in Nyon and the old protestant church are definitely worth a visit. In Geneva we walked around, most in the old part. Geneva is quite nice, but a little bit dull. The last picture is typical for Switzerland, at the gas station you can buy either a Ferrari or a Lambourghini, for a mere two to three honderd thousand euro.

Saturday July 31st
We went to two friends of us who live in Frankfurt, Germany. We arrived there for lunch, and then went with the two of us into the city to walk around a bit. Later that evening, after dinner, we met them again and went for some drinks and sat at the main. We ended up in the kitchen chatting and drinking till about three in the morning.

Sunday August 1st
Wonderful breakfast together and then we left at about one o'clock towards home (Rotterdam) where we arrived around six.

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