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Here we'll give a short overview of the trip we took to Patagonia (Argentina and Chili) from the 9th of December 2004 till the 9th of January 2005. The photos will give an impression of the things we've seen. If you would like to know more about the trip (how to organize certain things, etc) or would like to see more pictures, you can contact us.

December 10th
After 26 hours of traveling by plane via Washington DC, USA , we arrive at Buenos Aires, which is quite a modern city (especially the Microcentro). Big change in temperature coming from freezing point to about 30° Celsius.

December 11th
In the afternoon we took the plane from Buenos Aires to Trelew, a town near Península Valdés. We stayed at Puerto Madryn, which is a small, but very nice, village at the beach.

December 12th
We rented a car and drove to see a sea lion colony and a very cute dolphin type; the Tonina, which are only a meter to a meter and a half long with a black – white – black body. They look like a sort of very small orca dolphin.
The area used to be an old Welsh colony, which is reflected in the building and traditions. We followed suit and had a nice high tea in one of those old (rebuilt) colonial houses in Gaiman. In Gaiman an old eccentric man has built a ‘Parque del Desafio', which is a recycle park. He built it from around 30.000 soda cans, 5000 plastic bottles and 50.000 whine and beer bottles, with which he made the Guinness Book of Records.

December 13th
With took an organised tour to Península Valdés. The ride was longer than expected and also because we had a very good guide we were happy we didn't try this tour by ourselves. Península Valdés is a beautiful and diverse island, with steppes and salt plains. The island inhabits a lot of animals of which most we've seen, like rheas, sea lions, elephants seals, Magellanic penguins, wild guanacos, grey foxes, red backed … and many other seabirds. The biggest attraction is the 'ballena franca', or the southern right whale. We went onto a boat at Puerto Pirámides to see whales. We were quite lucky, because within an hour a mother and little whale were circling the boat, while the guide had said that because it was already December there would be a big chance that the whales had left for Antarctica.

December 14th
After being really badly sunburned at the beach of Puerto Madryn in the morning (about 30° Celsius) we left by plane for the most southern city in the world, Ushuaia (about 4° Celsius). The strange new thing is though that it stays light so long; the sun sets at about 22.30.

December 15th
Ushuaia is a phenomenal city in Tierra del Fuego and is the gateway to Antarctica; it lies at the Beagle Canal between two mountain ridges covered by snow and ice. In the morning we walked up to the Glaciar Martial with a phenomenal view of Ushuia and the canal. In the afternoon we took a sailing trip on the Beagle Canal with again a diversity of flora and fauna: all sorts of cormorants, sea lions, seals, gulls, flowers (e.g. the flower of Tierra del Fuego: Campanila), etc.

December 16th
This day we went on a 4×4 trip past the Lago Escondida to Lago Fagnano; a lake created by one of the three major glaciers (the others are the Beagle Canal and the Strait of Magellan). Yet another trip where one can spot a lot of wild life (a cara-cara, for instance) and enjoy the surroundings, however this time through a more spectacular way of transportation; through the lake even.

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