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December 17th
At breakfast we met an Australian guy who had was going on a boat to visit Antarctica, but before he would leave wanted to see the national park of Tierra del Fuego and had rented a car to do so. We tagged along with him on the visit, which was good because it was constantly raining that day. In the beautiful park we also took a hike to visit a beaver dam, and yes we encountered yet more wildlife. After having said goodbye to the Aussie we went out for dinner to Küar, which is a good restaurant with a great view of the Beagle canal.

December 18th
Yet another rainy day. Our plane leaves in the afternoon for Punta Arenas so we just visited some museums in Ushuaia that are very interesting with the history of the town; originally founded as a colony for prisoners.

December 19th
We rented a car together with a German mother and daughter and in the morning we drove up to Fuerte Bulnes (a rebuilt fortress) at the Straight of Magellan, and we went for another walk through a beautiful (dead tree) Patagonian forest. In the afternoon we visited a penguin colony in Seno Otway with about 6000 breeding pairs. I forgot my camera that day, so we only took photo's with the SLR.

December 20th
Before taking the bus in the afternoon for a six hour drive to Puerto Natales we went to see the graveyard of Punta Arenas, which is supposed to be the second most beautiful graveyard in Latin America after Buenos Aires.

December 21st
In Puerto Natales we took a day to relax and organise the last things, e.g. get a confirmation on two beds for the last two refugios, for the five day trip to the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine.

December 22nd
We were picked up at the hotel at 7.00 am and brought to the national park. Checked into the park at 11.00 and crossed the lake with a catamaran. Click here to see on a map the hike we made from the 22nd of December till the 25th of December. After a couple of hours walking trough a constant drizzle and quite some wind from refugio Péhoé we arrive at refugio Grey with an astonishing view of the Grey glacier. The refugio was very small, but very cosy, excellent showers and best of all beer. After dinner we took a very small stroll to the glacier to view it in all peace and quiet, while the others were still eating.

December 23rd
Beautiful weather with an even more beautiful view. We walked back to the very modern refugio Péhoé. When coming closer to the refugio you get a beautiful picture of Lago Péhoé. After the walk we went to our dormitory and laid down in the bottom bunk bed, and see what a view I had, with in the foreground the old refugio.

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