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Here you can find a short overview of the trip we took to Spain from the 6th of July 2003 till the 27th of July 2003. The reason we went to Spain this year was that two friends of us were getting married in San Sebastian. The photos will give an impression of the things we've seen.

July 6th
We had a 12 hour ride, cold and cloudy with hardly any traffic. Eventually half nine we arrived in Mo (France) at a small camp-site in very small, deserted village (1 café, closed, as well as the 'acceuil').

July 7th
We slept late in to half ten drove off at eleven. After five hours driving we arrive in Andorra, in the rain. After having taken the highest pass through the Pyrenees instead of the tunnel we wondered whether Andorra was such a smart idea for vacation given the rain. Got information about Andorra and decided to stay on a camp-site in Sant Julia, at the Spanish border. We went to a viewpoint of Andorra (which turned out to be a viewpoint concerning Andorra-la-Vella, the capital and not the country) as well as to a very nice little old church of Sant Miguel d'Engolasters.

July 8th
We went to the Santuari the Meretxell, the patron saint of Andorra, a most astonishing beautiful impressive super-modern convent from 1976, built on the spot of the old burned down convent from 11th century. They restored the old church here as well to give an impression of how it was back then.

We took the tourstic route, passing a waterfall and another beautiful small church, through the mountains to stop at a beautiful viewpoint to have lunch. The route continues to end in Ordino, a small picturesque village; i.e. one street. We wanted to continue the trip in the mountains, but the roads were closed and hence decided to go shop, eat, drink and then sleep.

July 9th
Left the camp-site at about 11.00, took in some fuel, bought some spirits and tobacco (all really cheap in Andorra) and after a thorough control at costumes we took a scenic route through the mountains, past gorges and dam lakes to Lleida. After lunch in Lleida we climbed to the cathedral that is together with an old Moorish fort on the mountain above Lleida. We took the route-national to Huesca, where we arrive in the evening and set up camp.

July 10th
We were able to park in the middle of Huesca in the citadel and we paid a visit to the cathedral on a sweet small square and another small church, with beautiful frescos, an old organ and a very beautiful convent garden. On our way to Pamplona and ultimately San Sebastian we took a side trip to go to the Castillo the Loarra, which was absolutely worth it. Now we had to get to San Sebastian as quickly as possible, because we were supposed to meet up in a 'sociedad' to meet all younger people that were invited for the wedding of two friends of us (a Dutch guy who was marrying his Spanish girlfriend). We arrived at the campsite of San Sebastian at 17.00; slowly other wedding guests arrive and together we go to the sociedad, where we ended up having a nice dinner and conversations.

July 11th
Slept in after a long night, hence we left for Gernica around 14.00, by means of the N-road parallel to the sea; nice, but takes much longer. After some time we arrive at the Bosque Pintada de Oma of the Basque artist Agustín Iborrola. Preferrable reachable by foot instead of car, because the road is very very very bumpy; it is a realy off-road experience. When entering the forest you first don't recognise any portraits in the trees, but from the proper angle several trees combined create a complete picture. After the forest to Gernica to go to the museum about the bombardment of Gernica (with a very impressive audiovisual experience in a living room of the bombardment of Gernica at the moment of the second world war), the impact of it, peace & human rights in general, propitiation and the ETA nowadays. Before going back to San Sebastian we also took a peek at a ceramic piece of art of Picassa. Back at the camping we had a barbeque with everybody related to the wedding couple.

July 12th
Everybody was preparing for the wedding; taking showers, et cetera and thus everybody was dressed up and ready to go. Strange experience; at 15.00 hours in 36° Celsius waiting for the bus in your three piece suite, while kids from the camping are also waiting in their swim shorts and a towel to go to the beach. Drinking a beer on the terrace of Ondarra we waited for the groom to walk by assisted by his parents to pick up the bride at her parents home. Off to the church for the ceremony, which was combined Dutch and Spanish, while the priest was a Dutchman who had lived in San Sebastian most part of his life. After the service and the flower throwing, we went back to Ondarra for the reception. At about 19.30 in a taxi to Gudamendi; a nice and chic hotel with a great view of San Sebastian. First a session of picture taking followed by an excellent dinner and a party, which lasted till four in the morning. Back the camping we drank one more beer and we headed to bed at six.

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