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July 20th
Again we started late, thus we had to hurry again to visit certain sights before closing for siesta, and this time not opening after it because it is Sunday. So first off to the Real Basilica de San Isidoro with splendid ceiling paintings. When exiting the basilica we raced off to a small church just outside León that would close at 15.00, and guess what…we arrive at 15.01. Back to León for some beers and fries at the Plaza Mayor, after which we visit a palace made by Gaudi. Then we went to the cathedral, which from the outside looks okay, but you're overwhelmed after entering; what a great spectacle of light. We then took quite a stroll to the Convento de San Marcos, which is now a chic hotel. Back in the centre it was time for what León is famous; drinking cortos and eating tapas. We visited around ten different bars where we drank a corto (very small beer) and get the free tapas with it (changing from filled peppers, to fries to 'morcilla'). The thing is to go into the bars and order and stay at the bar to get the tapas (this is the local way) and not like most tourists sit outside and pay the full Monty.

July 21st
Easy travelling day: we left for San Sebastian where, of course, it was raining. We decided not to continue into France, but stay in San Sebastian for some pinchos. We went to the same camping; stronger still ' we got the same spot (nr. 208).

July 22nd
The whole morning we did nothing but relax: eat, drink, read and play games. Decided at noon to walk down the mount Igueldo to San Sebastian to go shopping and for dinner. It was a rather long walk but nice walk down the mountain followed by a nice long walk over the boulevard to reach the old city. First we drunk something in a bar at the water where everyone was smoking dope, which is prohibited in Spain (but the police officers walking by couldn't care lass). Afterwards we went to several bar-restaurants eating pinchos with Txakoli (a typical fresh excellent white wine) or beer. We took the last bus back up mount Igueldo to get to the camping.

July 23rd
We planned to go to the beach today, but we were again just relaxing at the camping and besides that the weather wasn't too good. Eventually at after having shopped a bit we decided to go to the beach, but didn't stay there for a long time because it was too cold. We spent the evening at the camping with around two kilos of meat on the grill.

July 24th
First plan was to leave today, but the weather was surprisingly nice so we decided to stay for an extra day. Around noon we arrive at the beach; delightful baking, swimming, baking, swimming and again baking. We left for the city at six red as lobsters (maybe noon wasn't that smart after all). In the city walked around looking for sandals for Esther so we ended up with new shoes for Peter. For the last time we went for Txakoli and pinchos to arrive back at the camping and already pack our stuff so we could leave early the next morning.

July 25th
In spite of again beautiful weather we decided to leave to Bretagne and stay there for one day before continuing the trip home. Smooth ride till we reached Bretagne, because ignorant us; the tour caravan was in Bretagne for the last stages of the Tour de France. We ended on a very nice campsite in the garden of a castle. Despite the heavy rains during the trip we were able to eat out and play games all night.

July 26th
It rained so hard and heavy that we decided to stay in bed as long as possible. We decided to go to Guérande for a 'cultural visit' combined with a visit to a crêperie. Breakfast turned out to be a very vast crêpe, but very good. After having walked around in the nice little village of Guérande we went to the coast to see the waves violently hit the rocks. Then we went to La Baula, which turns out to be a disgusting town, similar to Biarritz (very touristy and full with tourist shops). Quickly decided to go to La Turballe; a nice fishing village (number 5 of France). We had an excellent meal here.

July 27th
We were able to pack the tent dry, but it needed a lot of cleaning first. We left at 11.20 and came home in Rotterdam ten hours later after having driven 950 kilometres.

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